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JavaService Overview

Java provides developers with a platform independent programming API. This allows programs to be written and compiled for distinct operating systems and architectures, such as Windows, Solaris, and Linux.

Windows NT/2000 includes a set of tools and APIs that allow the creation and management of programs that run as background tasks, or services. Services typically run without any user interaction. This is especially useful when running programs, such as web servers, that should start automatically when the operating systems starts. Also, a service can be manually stopped, started, or paused using the service control manager that is included within the operating system.

JavaService is a Win32 executable that allows any Java class to be run as an NT service. It uses JNI's invocation API to create a Java Virtual Machine using any JNI compliant Java implementation.

JavaService can call the typical 'public static void main' entry method, or any other method you choose. In order to stop the service it can call another method or simply terminate the JVM.

Once a Java application is installed as a service, it can be controlled from the Windows command prompt with the commands:

	net start MyService


	net stop MyService

Extensive documentation is included that describes the functionality of the JavaService utility software. This documentation can also be viewed on this web site.

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