JavaService - Overview


JavaService is an adaptor program that allows a cross-platform Java server application to be installed and run as a system service in the Microsoft Windows environment, in a similar fashion to a UNIX 'daemon' type process that can be invoked at system startup.

The JavaService software manages the interface between the Java run-time environmnt and the Windows NT Service Handler, using code developed in C++ that invokes the Java JNI mechanism from a program that can be installed and executed as a Windows service.

Types of program that are most suitable for execution in this way include application servers (such as JOnAS, Orion, Tomcat or JBoss) or other processes that provide a network interface.

The JavaService software has been available under an Open Source license since 2000, with numerous updates being provided to incorporate bug fixes and additional functionality. These releases have been distributed in turn by Alexandria Software Consulting, Multiplan Consultants Ltd and ObjectWeb.



You may download and use JavaService for execution of your own developed software, or with Java application software from another source.

If you distribute a Java application, you may also include the JavaService utility software with your own distribution, so long as you comply with the terms of the LGPL license.


JavaService software is available for download as a simple ZIP file from the ObjectWeb project forge, which provides basic release notes for each version made available to the publc. An MD5 checksum file is also provided for those that wish to verify the contents of the distribution when downloaded.

When you have obtained the relevant distribution ZIP file (i.e., you should unzip this into a suitable directory on your Windows system - such as C:\javaservice

From this directory, you can view the documentation sets, read the license file and run the program with the test SampleService software included in the distribution. From there, the choice is all yours...


If you have experiences - good or bad - with the JavaService software, it would be very much appreciated if you would contribute comments to the forums or mailing lists that are provided at the ObjectWeb project forge site for this Open Source software.

Thank you for your interest in the JavaService software.

John Rutter, Multiplan Consultants Ltd